Can We All Just Get Along? Dealing with Negative Employees

Any job is like a petri dish for the full spectrum of human personalities. Navigating workplace dynamics can be a challenging addition to a person’s already full plate of tasks and responsibilities. Though it may sound tough, dealing with draining, negative employees is a skill that you can master, and the good news is this: it gets easier the more you understand your own behavior and learn to rise above.

The main point here is awareness. Understanding the unique traits of your employees is the key. Notice how each person reacts to different conflicts, challenges, and stresses, and it will inform your own reactions. Focus on being a good listener and acknowledge a coworker’s experience before responding to any situation. Then, dealing with negative and unmotivated employees becomes a personal challenge in patience and versatility, as well as creativity.

Though it might be most important for leadership to hone these skills in teambuilding, you don’t have to be a manager to set a good example. A positive work environment is cultivated when employees trust one another, so being genuine in your desire to connect with others and tackle challenges is pertinent, no matter your position in the workplace.

Our crew at Fun Team Building has compiled some useful strategies to help understand different personalities so you can learn to blend them into a more productive work environment. Think good smoothie vs. oil and water. We hope they inspire you to be more confident in how you address challenges.

And of course, the owner of Fun Team Building, Larry Lipman, is here to help you build a better workplace. For fun team building ideas call 770.333.3303!

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