A Dose Of Humble Pie Makes You A Better Team Player

humble pie

Today, I was handed a dose of humble pie.

I went to a client location to train them on social media. My associate took the employees who needed to know more about Facebook in one direction and I handled the others, which included the General Manager of the organization to teach them all about setting up a LinkedIn Company Page.

I did what I normally do: greet them, give them a handout, hook-up my computer and start. You see, I have been called a LinkedIn “expert” and I truly do think I know what I am doing – however this time I missed the mark by a wide margin.

So what happened?

I started in and he asked a few questions, got confused and left. He left! I don’t think that has happened in…well…never. But you know – he was right to leave. Because if he would have sat there through the entire training, I would have assumed he was okay with the presentation and he was just having an off day.

Humble Pie Lessons

Even though I felt bad (and still do), I learned from it. And so should you. Here is what I did and maybe, just maybe, things will work out with this customer. If they don’t, then I can walk away and say I did everything I could to make it right.

Humble Pie Lesson #1: I gathered feedback from the team that remained.

While I needed to finish the training with the employees that remained, I polled them about what the GM wanted. I needed to know how to “fix” it; but clearly couldn’t do it without their help. They gave me clear and direct feedback about what he wanted. I listened and took notes.

Humble Pie Lesson #2: I talked to my associate.

I wanted to know how the Facebook training went. I needed to engage my team and see if it was just me or the type of training I developed. It turned out it was just me.

Humble Pie Lesson #3: I apologized and had a plan.

I knew he was hot, so calling him up or asking to see him while I was still at the office, was probably not going to work in my favor. So I pulled out my smartphone and I emailed him. The first thing I conveyed was an apology and how I now understand what he wants. I told him I was going to send him today a step-by-step guide to developing his page.

Humble Pie Lesson #4: I made no excuses and did what I said I would do.

Everytime I get knocked down like this, I learn from it. I make myself better. I make the whole process better because someone like this man today challenged me to be better. I didn’t argue, lie or get defensive.

Humble Pie Lesson #5: I learned from the master – Larry Lipman.

Larry and I have collaborated for years and he has taught me so much about effective team building. I have remembered his lessons – and on a day like today – they were great to have in my back pocket.

Is Your Business or School in the Atlanta area?

Contact Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman so the next time you are handed a dose of humble pie you know exactly what to do! Larry can be reached at 770-333-3303. Call him today!

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