8 Killer Ways to Impress Your New Team Members

Are You a New Team Member? Follow These Steps!

Are You a New Team Member? Follow These Steps!

Without notice or pause, you have been thrust into a new team environment. They all know each other and you are the “odd man out”, so to speak. You are experienced and want to contribute, but you have reservations that you will be accepted.

This scenario happens all the time with corporate mergers, acquisitions and downsizings. Unfortunately, what generally happens is the new team member feels excluded and they eventually leave the organization. They blame corporate culture, but I think it is something more.

Here are some great ideas gleaned from a recent article I read in Fortune Magazine titled 15 Ways to Impress Your Boss on Day 1. 

8 Killer Ways to Make a Difference

  1. Understand the Company’s Vision.
    If you are new to the organization or department, find out their vision and goals. This is the heart and soul of the organization and the team. If you are unsure about the vision, this can be a great conversation starter and show that you are taking the time to learn about your new organization.
  2. Be a Sponge.
    Many new team members want to go in and let the team know exactly how smart they are. Don’t be a know-it-all. Sit quietly and take it all in. You will be more respected because you are showing listening skills, which are a very important communication tool.
  3. Remember Names.
    If you are new and being introduced around, try and say the person’s name three times in the short conversation you have. If you have forgotten, just ask. Showing that you are making an effort to address your team members by their name, shows that you care.
  4. Ask a Lot of Questions.
    Understand what your team is trying to accomplish and what obstacles and challenges they are encountering. Perhaps through your own experience and network, you can help.
  5. Express Curiosity.
    Be curious about the systems, process and how things run. This curiosity will lead to innovation and perhaps teach you a better way to do your job.
  6. Smile.
    Whether you know it or not, people are judging you based on your persona. It’s human nature and if you smile a lot and show positive energy, your team members will naturally think you are a warm person. I recently had this experience in my training environment where I was helping a new team member learn more about social media. She never smiled throughout the session – and she was a brand new employee! She left me a little drained  – even though I smile all the time! Try it and see other’s reaction; I think you will be amazed.
  7. Share an Idea.
    Early on express a new thought and idea. It may not be accepted right away, but again you are showing initiative and that you care about the company. If possible, pitch your idea to the entire team and your manager. Sometimes the synergy of the group will cause the idea to be more readily accepted.
  8. Put in Extra Hours. 
    If possible, on some nights or with some projects, put in the extra time. It can help boost team morale and help show others you are a true team player.

Still Having Trouble Coming Together?

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