4 Ways to Keep Building Your Team All Year Long

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Are you building your team after the event?

What’s Next After The Event

Keeping your employees together shouldn’t stop after a successful team building day. To be successful, teams must work on cooperation and communication skills because employees are constantly growing and changing.


Here are four ways that can help you maintain a successful workplace – beyond teambuilding.


Volunteer and Give Back

Giving back to the community is a great way to get teams working together. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, at a Goodwill, or at Habitat for Humanity. Working together in the community gives employees a fresh perspective on productive interaction. A whole-team effort in the community can do wonders to break down social barriers and divisions created by office politics.  

Its also a great way to get good public relations for your company by having special t-shirts made for the event and contacting your local newspaper for coverage.

Praise and Feedback

Good work deserves good praise. Make sure your employees know that you recognize their good work. The praise can be as simple as saying, “Good job,” or more elaborate by hosting a lunch for a successful team.

Giving feedback is the key to assuring any team is staying on track, but more importantly that the team is improving each day. Feedback should be proactive and constant. Many leaders are prone to wait until a problem occurs before they give feedback.

Face-to-Face Meetings

To ensure maximum performance and results from each employee, take the time to sit down and talk to them. A shy employee may be too timid to come to you, but if you invite them in they may feel more comfortable about opening up. Getting to know each member individually and learning what you can do to help them succeed in the workplace shows you are invested in them and care. Having an open door policy, where employees are welcome to come to you whenever they may need, builds better relationships between you and your team.

Focus on the Goals

Make sure every employee knows their role in the success of the company is imperative. Represent your leadership skills by delegating tasks and goals to each team member. This will give them a clear vision of how to succeed and be more efficient. Set goals that are SMART– Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Setting goals gives the team objectives to work toward.


This is the perfect time of year to review this year’s goals and set new ones.


Fun Team Building Is About Success

Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman can help your teams stay successful, even after a team building event. Give Larry a call today at (770) 333-3303 to schedule your event today!


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