13 Reasons the Gender Gap Still Exists

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There have been a profound number of changes to minimize the gap between the genders over the last 50 years, but there still is one, make no mistake about it. Although it is not as blatant as it used to be back in the day, there are subtle ways women are still being treated differently at work, according to Business Insider.


13 Subtle Ways

Below is a list of ways women are not treated the same as men in today’s workforce:


  1. An assertive woman is considered aggressive; while a man is considered a “go-getter”
  2. A successful woman is less likable or “too direct”
  3. Women are paid less than men; according to nobullying.com women are paid $.72 for every $1.00 a man makes
  4. Women do not get credit in group projects; this can be a combination of hidden biases that assume men are more competent plus women not taking credit where it is due
  5. Women must prove themselves before they are considered to be competent, while men are considered competent on day one
  6. Women are promoted on performance, men get promoted on potential
  7. Talkative men are seen as competent, talkative women as incompetent
  8. Women who show anger are considered too emotional or out of control
  9. Women are penalized for motherhood where men are praised
  10. Women are often interrupted or flat out ignored in meetings
  11. Women must take command of the room when speaking in public
  12. Women executives aren’t usually invited to social events
  13. Women are judged on their appearance; according to a Forbes Magazine article, women cannot be successful unless they pay attention to the way they look (For example, a woman is seen to lack leadership skills if she’s overweight, while a man does not receive the same judgement if he’s obese according to the Center for Talent Innovation)


How to Overcome Gender Discrimination

In the US alone, 40% of women personally experience gender discrimination. The most shocking realization is that it is not only men, but women themselves who are responsible for holding these views and perpetuating the inequality! However, there is a way to get past these biases and move on to a more gender neutral world.


The first step is to acknowledge that they do exist. Once that is done, our behavior, for men AND women, has a chance to change.  By admitting that the gender gap exists we can begin to value every worker according to ability and leave gender out of the equation all together.


Another way to overcome gender discrimination is to address inequality at home. What I mean by this is,  we must discuss and call out examples of gender bias in the media or everyday interaction. Make it clear to peers and especially our children that judging and making assumptions about someone’s character or ability, solely based on their gender, is wrong.


Need Help Overcoming Gender Discrimination in Your Organization?

Larry Lipman of Fun Team Building can create a customized day that addresses the needs of all your employee and address and gender biases your organization may have. Schedule an event by calling 770-333-3303 today!


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