10 Tips for a Smooth Team Transition

How to Handle Change in the Workplace

Change is coming to a team near you! Be ready for it with these 10 tips.


It doesn’t matter if you have worked for a company for 3 days, 3 months or 30 years – eventually things are going to change. Team members, bosses and even company cultures are going to come and go. It is your ability to adapt to the change┬áthat will make a difference.

The important thing is that you make a good impression, take a proactive approach and keep a positive attitude.

Today’s blog post will┬álead to better team awareness when moving through transitional times.

10 Tips to a Better Team

Prepare a 30-second elevator speech.

Whether you are new to an organization, team or have a new boss – there are certain things they will want to know about you. Complete the following things in 30 seconds: Who you are, what company or department you worked at before and what your new team role will be. Practice it 10 times a day for the week before you join the team so it rolls off your tongue without much thought.

Get plenty of sleep the night before.

I know it might be difficult, but try and rest as much as you can the night before. This is a big day for you and you need to be as rested as possible.

When you park your car, put your cell phone on silent.

You want to give the impression that you are 100% dedicated to the team. Look at your phone during breaks and at lunch; but for the most part, stay focused on the team objectives while you are at work.

Arrive 15 minutes early.



Smiling and laughter are universal languages and it doesn’t matter how grumpy people are, employee motivation increases when someone smiles at them or gets them to laugh.

Be a good listener.

Spend most of the day listening to others to find out what is going on with the team. You can take notes on how the team works, observations and questions you have.

Ask questions.

Show that you want to learn more about the company dynamics and how the team operates.

Go to lunch.

Often times you will learn more about your team members in a social setting. Try and go to lunch as much as possible with as many of them as you can. Learn more about the ways they work and what they like to do when they are off the job.

Talk to team members.

Maybe it isn’t possible to go to lunch, but make certain to carve out time to talk to each of your team members. This shows leadership team development skills on your part and management will take notice.

Pay attention to your body language.

Make your stances open. Don’t cross your arms and make good eye contact with everyone. Pay attention to how others accept you. Not all individuals will welcome you into the team; so just be aware of how they are positioning themselves so over time, you might break down those barriers.

How can Fun Team Building help you with team development?

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