Resistant Employees


We all get stressed out ‐ or at least frustrated ‐ with our jobs at times. It might stem from a frantic commute, mounting assignments, or a coworker causing conflict. Whatever the challenge may be, there is a proper way to handle our issues in order to create a positive work environment.

Any workplace with more than one employee will have different personalities. That’s right ‐ even an office of just two people will have differing dynamics, and those two employees have to cooperate with one another just as they would in a building of 20, 200 or 2,000. The difference is that working with a difficult employee might be a little easier when you work in a larger office, compared to being just one of a few people.

As tough as it may sound, there are ways to deal with difficult employees and the conflicts they bring. With a large number of personalities, you cannot deal with everyone using the same method. You will have to be versatile and patient. Lifehack offers a few steps on how to handle unique personalities at work. Those steps include accepting conflict or differences by being kind and patient, and finding the source without jumping to conclusions. Keep in mind that you cannot use the same approach with everyone. Each person reacts differently, regardless of the size of your staff. Case in point, you cannot be delicate with a blunt person or vice versa. Keep this in mind when delegating tasks to individuals or small teams. If a person is very analytical, there may be little creativity. On the other hand, when dealing with a sensitive person, he or she may also over analyze to the point where making confident decisions paralyzes him or her with fear.   Master Class Management talks about a few different personality types, and explains howto handle them in the workplace.


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