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10 Worst Mistakes

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Are you making these team building mistakes?


Top 10 Worst Mistakes Team Building Trainers Make

  1. Forgetting to check the facility ahead of time for lighting, sound, audio-visual, room temperature, props, and overall participant comfort.
  2. Starting late OR WORSE…running overtime.
  3. Talking too much.
  4. Forgetting break times.
  5. Not laughing at yourself when the unexpected happens. And they will happen.
  6. Giving unclear directions.
  7. Not smiling.
  8. Not involving the participants.
  9. Not reading the audience, and therefore, not knowing when to change strategies or pace.
  10. The all-time worst mistake — not being real. Passion is everything. People remember the feeling they had with the trainer long after the content.

Fun Team Building Is The Right Choice for Your Organization

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