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Leadership in a Nutshell


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Who you are is far more important than the knowledge you possess as a leader.

Once long ago, when asked by a reporter if he had a message he wanted the world to hear, Gandhi replied, “My life is my message.”

Whether we like it or not, this statement is just as true for you and me today as it was for Gandhi then. Our presence that we express is far richer and truer than what we say in words.

So when we lead a team and present our material , what we are really presenting is ourselves. Our deepest thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes, and aspirations come through as an unspoken wave of information that others pick up at a level often below their conscious awareness. Amazingly, this influences others more powerfully than mere words. So in a sense, we are our material, and our life is our message!


Ask anyone who has seen a movie star in person. They will immediately talk about personality observations in minute details. They will talk about all the little things the movie star does off the screen.

Walking our talk when we are not leading is who we really are.

There is no light switch for leaders.

We are “ON” anytime we are not asleep!

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