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10 Debriefing Tips


Top 10 Debriefing Tips for Team Building Facilitators

debriefing tips, Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman
  1. Ask open-ended questions: What was your experience?, What did you learn?, How will you apply this new learning?
  2. Involve the whole group. That may mean taking the quiet ones aside for a special moment or two.
  3. Expect resistance. That’s where much of the learning takes place.
  4. Listen. Listen. Listen. Be invisible.
  5. Allow emotions to surface. That’s OK. Experts say that is where most behavioral change takes place.
  6. Follow the group’s lead, momentum, and topics — not yours.
  7. Lead by example: facilitate without judgment or finger-pointing.
  8. Say aloud participants’ names, validate their thoughts, and allow discovery to be theirs, not yours.
  9. Maintain an atmosphere of trust, safety, and confidentiality at all times.
  10. Always end with closure.


Larry Has Great Debriefing Tips

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