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Catch People Doing Things Right


catch people doing things right, Fun Team Building with Larry Lipman

Leaders cannot lead without followers. Tool #1 for attracting followers is to catch people doing things right.  That means 3 things:

  • Acknowledge
  • Support and
  • Validate them.

Our culture is obsessed with the negative. Strangely, it seems that put downs and negative thinking are considered “realistic” in our culture. Support, praise, and encouragement are often considered insincere or manipulative. Maybe we revel in the mistakes of others to save us from aspiring any higher ourselves or from taking responsibility for our own shortcomings.

So seek opportunities to deliver supportive feedback to enliven and empower your group, as long as it is sincere. Use acknowledgment to incite behaviors that support group effectiveness, praising behaviors such as risk-taking, being real, deep sharing of truth, supporting other group members, etc. This will lead the group to higher levels of functioning and increased ability to self-facilitate.

Management Leadership Example Quotes:

“Thanks very much for sharing that Sue. It took a lot of courage for you to do that.”

“Joe, I appreciate your gracefully bringing the group back on task.”

“Thank you, Sally, for taking responsibility and not blaming others.”

“I just want to acknowledge all of you for your willingness to do this work.”

“Bill, thanks for taking notes today, I really appreciate it.”

“Jill, thanks for showing us an example of enlightened leadership management.”

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